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Is It Really The End of the Road For Julexis? And Is That A Good Thing?

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If William deVry doesn’t overcome his contract negotiation impasse, we may be seeing the last of Julian–as well as Julexis–in the coming weeks on General Hospital (GH).

Reports claim that deVry taped scenes last week that may have very well been his last. If he doesn’t sign a new contract, then those scenes will spell the end of Julian (for now, never say never on a soap).

While we don’t know what those scenes were, we do know without Julian there’s no Julexis. While Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Julian are now divorced and she’s determined not to go back to him after what he did last year, there’s still something between them.

And, they still have quite the fan following. Soap Hub asked how you feel about the possible end of Julexis and you made your voices heard.

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Say It Isn’t So
Out of nearly 8,000 votes, a full 64% of you are not happy in the least. You’ve stuck by this couple through the worst of it, even when the writers possibly took them to the point of no return last year when Julian held a dagger to his wife’s neck.

That was explained away by telling us Julian was acting under orders of his deranged sister and planned to let Alexis go, but Alexis has still not completely forgiven him. Still, you had hope and with Julian gone, all that hope will be lost.

So Long, Farewell…
The other 36% of you say good riddance. Julian’s dagger scene was a “jump the shark” moment for you and you don’t understand why he didn’t fight Olivia (Tonja Walker) more. Julexis was ruined that night on the docks, and you see no more need for Julian in Alexis’s life.

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