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Are You Ready For The General Hospital Anna-Finn Merry-Go-Round To End?

Anna and Finn General HospitalAnna and Finn General Hospital

How much longer could a romance that never really got a chance to take off be star-crossed for no real reason? That’s what General Hospital (GH) fans have been asking about Anna and Finn.

They started with a fake romance to stop opioid dealer Cassandra Pierce and their Port Charles pals actually bought it.

Never mind Finn (Michael Easton) was just coming off an engagement to Hayden (Rebecca Budig), a woman who disappeared while pregnant with his child and then lied that she lost the baby. Somehow fans loved Anna and Finn and they grew to maybe love each other.

On New Year’s Eve, it looked like they were going to make their faux relationship real, but then Cassandra got in the way, Finn ended up in the hospital, and Anna (Finola Hughes) decided he couldn’t handle her super-spy lifestyle so she pushed him away and Finn managed to end up with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

Well, a misunderstanding at The Nurses’ Ball has Finn admitting his feelings, just as Soap Hub asked if you were getting a little sick of this merry-go-round. More than 8,000 of you weighed in on that.

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End This…And Finally Begin It
Aren’t Anna and Finn a little too mature for will they or won’t they, say a whopping 91% of you. Their relationship came out of nowhere, but you loved it and got about five minutes to really enjoy it.

How much longer could it go on? And, will it still go on? Remember, Finn just thinks Anna is dying. He has no clue she’s really changing her will to include her long-lost son, fathered by Faison.

Keep It Going Round And Round
Still, there’s a small 9% of you who enjoy this pair going in circles–but who also feel bad for Alexis. She really thought she really stood a chance with Finn, so where will this triangle go now? Stay tuned to find out. (Julian, anyone? And maybe even Hayden…cause GH doesn’t have enough babies.)

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