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Are You Ready For More ‘Fanna’? General Hospital Is Ready To Deliver

General Hospital Anna and FinnGeneral Hospital Anna and Finn

General Hospital’s Anna and Finn are back together again! Well, physically, anyway. Whether or not them being together romantically ever made much sense is up to the fans to decide.

Not that you all have ever been shy about such things. The spy turned cop and the iguana-loving doc have always been a bit of an odd couple in Port Charles.

So, now we want to know: How do you feel about their reunion? Here’s what almost 16,000 had to say about it.

We’re a FAnna of Finn and Anna!
Welcome back, 76% cheer! We’ve missed seeing you together – and Anna (Finola Hughes) in general.

This is a pairing that shouldn’t work, and yet, somehow, it does. They complement each other by being so seemingly different. (Though would it kill Finn to crack a smile once in a while to confirm that he doesn’t find the process torturous?)

So what if Finn (Michael Easton) couldn’t figure out that the woman he supposedly loved was in danger, and he needed Robert (Tristan Rogers) to clue him in. Then again, Robert is a superspy trained in that kind of work, and Finn is… Finn.

But that’s all water under the bridge now. Anna is back, and Finn’s got her! Who could ask for anything more?

They Snooze, We Lose
Those two are so BORING, 26% of you moan. You can forgive Finn for not realizing Anna was in danger – you’ll take your Robert sightings any way you can get them. What you can’t forgive is how his presence on your screen induces narcolepsy.

Anna has been with some amazing men. Not just Robert, but Duke (Ian Buchanan), too. Casey the Alien and his human lookalike, Shep. Heck, even Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Faison (Anders Hove), weren’t dull. (Though if anyone remembers Dr. Buzz, yeah, he was a super-snoozer.)

Finn just isn’t good enough for Anna, and you are most certainly not excited to see her back in his orbit.

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