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Put It In Its ‘Grava’: Should Griffin And Ava End It On General Hospital (GH)?

Griffin and Ava General HospitalGriffin and Ava General Hospital

They are the oddest of General Hospital’s (GH) odd couples. Griffin (Matt Cohen) is a doctor, an ex-priest, moral, upstanding, judgmental, and a Sonny (Maurice Benard) apologist.

Ava (Maura West) is none of those things. She’s a mafia princess with some pretty flexible morals.

And, oh, yeah, Ava has an adult daughter, Kiki (Hayley Erin). Kiki and Griffin slept together while he and Ava were briefly on a break (like a two-hour break).

So, is it time for these opposites attract to repel in the other direction? Here’s how a near record 30,000 of you voted!

This was a really bad idea from the start, 92% of you point out. Sure, Griffin does go for the bad girl – remember Claudette? And Ava does fit the bill.

But, psst, Griffin, here’s a secret to making a relationship with a bad girl last: Don’t keep telling her how horrible she is and making her feel like she doesn’t deserve you.

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It’s a pretty rotten thing to do. And it guarantees her losing interest and performing a very badly auto-tuned song at The Nurse’s Ball. Again.

And, Ava? A guy who keeps telling you how horrible you are and making you feel like you don’t deserve him? He’s probably not all that into you. Plus, there’s the sleeping with Kiki thing.

Working Girl
Only 7% believe this couple can work their way through the rough spots. Especially if Griffin spills about him and Kiki. This will finally give Ava something she can hold over Griffin’s head to remind him that he’s no saint, either. Maybe once both are on even ground again, they can move forward.

Because let’s be honest, there is an awful lot of pretty when they’re together, and it should be preserved. In the name of art, if nothing else.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Maurice Benard | The Official Youtube Channel

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