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Push Comes To Shove: Was Jim the One Who Sent Drew Tumbling on General Hospital (GH)?

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He may look like the guy who hung out with a monkey named after a Bear, and was one of two dads before that was cool. But, on General Hospital (GH), Greg Evigan is shady real estate developer Jim Harvey, who wants to bring the waterfront into the 21st Century, and may know more about Franco and Drew’s childhoods than they do.

Franco’s adoptive mom, Betsy, claimed that Franco tried to kill Drew by shoving him down the stairs, which was why she felt compelled to send preschooler Drew away.

But was it her then-boyfriend, Jim, who actually may have been the one feeling homicidal? What over 12,000 of fans decided!

Go Ahead, Judge a Book By Its Cover
That Jim looks creepy, 61% of you have officially decreed. And that means he had to have had something to do with what happened. Was Jim an abusive boyfriend? Or, even worse, could he have been a child molester?

If Jim targeted tiny Drew – if that’s why he, in fact, pushed the little boy down the stairs to keep him quiet – was that the real reason why Betsy sent Drew away?

To protect him not from a crazy brother, but a crazy guy that Betsy nonetheless still wanted to keep around for herself?

Almost, But Not Quite
Kevin (Jon Lidstrom) may have wondered what motive a three-year-old would have for trying to kill his brother – has he considered the possibility that Franco wasn’t trying to kill Drew?

That he was a little kid with absolutely no idea about the long-term consequences of his actions – 38% of the audience suspects that Jim knows the answer to that question. He may not have committed the act of violence, but it’s very likely he might have driven Franco to it.

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