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Which Port Charles Favorite Can Never Be Recast?

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Recasts are a fact of soap-opera life — even on General Hospital.

Current favorites on the canvas who started off Port Charles life with a different face include Carly, Ned, Julian, Monica, Heather, Dillon, Kiki, Lucas, Jason (even before Steve Burton, there were a couple of kiddie Jasons, starting with the real-life son of the actress who played Jason’s biological mother), Lulu (again, before even Julie Berman, there was tot Lulu who was — gasp! — a brunette), and the iconic Laura herself.

But are there some characters so iconic that only one actor could ever portray them?

It’s Always Sonny in Port Charles
Even though he, himself, impersonated Desi Arnez in the TV movie Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter, 62% of fans believe only Maurice Benard could ever play Sonny, and they won’t accept any imitations.

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Everywhere You Luke
You can recast Laura (there was even a half-hearted attempt to do it with Janine Turner back when Genie Francis first left the show in the early 1980s), but 31% of you draw the line at Luke. Anthony Geary split over a year ago, and the only way you ever expect Luke to return to Port Charles is if Geary brings him.

Nik and Tuck
Well, this is kind of awkward. It seems 5% of viewers think Nikolas can never be recast. Except that he already has been. Not once, not twice, but three times. With Coltin Scott from 1999-2003, and temporarily with Chris Beetem in 2005, and Nick Stabile in 2016. Maybe you meant… never again?

Don’t Bother With the Other
Other is always a fun, write-in category, and 2% of you split your votes between Georgie (Maxie’s sister, we assume, not her daughter; if she’s anything like her mother, we can expect Georgie Jr. to go through quite a few faces before she grows up) and Spinelli. Except, oops…..

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