Listen Up: Was The General Hospital Nurse Right About Willow Tait?

Is it time for Nina Reeves to catch a GH break?

nurse clara told willow tait some truths on general hospital.Should Willow Tait listen to Nurse Clara?

After playing a recast Alexis on General Hospital, Susan Diol returned to Port Charles, this time as Nurse Clara — the agent of mercy had some very specific words for Willow Tait. That is, if she was even there at all. She might have been just a figment of Willow’s imagination. Or a time traveler.

General Hospital Polling

Our money is on time traveler. Remember, Diol has also played Al’s wife on Quantum Leap both on the original show and the reboot. So that’s also a possibility. But, in any case, should Willow listen to what Nurse Clara had to say?

Willow Tait: Compare and Contrast

Clara is right. There is no planet on which Nina (Cynthia Watros) is worse than Harmony, 26% of General Hospital fans have crunched the numbers. Nina and Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) argued about how Willow was treating Charlotte when she was the Cassadine princess’ third-grade teacher. Harmony pimped Willow out to a cult leader. So, yeah, no contest.

General Hospital: Do as I Say

It doesn’t matter that Willow should listen to Clara, 27% of you know that she won’t. Willow has decided that Nina is evil personified, and no silly facts or logic are going to change her mind. Willow is good and pure and perfect. Ergo, her opinions hold more water than anything like reality. Nina was mean to her at that time, which means they can never, ever have any kind of relationship.

Willow Tait: None of Your General Hospital Business

Oh, please, 47% of General Hospital fans dismiss. Clara doesn’t know Willow Tait, she doesn’t know Nina, and she doesn’t know what Michael (Chad Duell) went through to keep Wiley away from his crazy grandmother. Besides, who asked her, anyway? Her job is to check on Willow’s medical condition, not poke around at her mental state. Do your job. And keep your opinions to yourself. That’s above your pay grade.

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