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I’ve Got a General Hospital Secret: What’s Jordan Ashford’s Motive?

Why is Jordan so set on exposing Portia Robinson on GH?

general hospital portia robinson in wedding dress and jordan ashford visited herWhy was Jordan Ashford pushing so hard?

Portia and Curtis Ashford have tied the knot on General Hospital. Portia’s secret regarding Trina’s paternity stayed hidden during the ceremony. But Jordan Ashford still knows it. And Jordan still wanted to get it out. Our question is: Why? What’s in this for her? What’s her motivation?

General Hospital Polling: Back To Before

It’s obvious, isn’t it, 21% can’t believe they will need to spell it out. Portia clearly wants Curtis (Donell Turner) back. They were married. They split up. It was Curtis’s idea. Jordan still obviously loves the man, and she figures the best way to woo him away from his new wife is to spill the beans about Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) biological daddy. And that Curtis is it.

The GH Lying Game

Curtis hates lies, 33% of the audience remind. It’s why he divorced Jordan in the first place. Jordan knows that Curtis will be deeply hurt once he finds out that Portia (Brook Kerr) lied to him about something this major. Jordan just wants to spare him this heartache. She knows that every day Curtis spends married to Portia, the inevitable pain will just grow worse and worse. So the sooner she rips off that Band-Aid, the better. She’s just trying to be a good ex-wife/friend.

Jordan Ashford: End of the General Hospital Road

And almost half of you, 46%, are doubling down on that. Jordan doesn’t just know that Curtis will be heartbroken by Portia’s lies, she knows that he will be devastated. First her, then Portia. Curtis is likely to lose all faith in mankind – or, at the very least, womankind.

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If Jordan can make up for her own lies by exposing Portia’s before Curtis has gotten in too deep, then that will be her wedding gift to him. And if Portia ends up the odd man out as a result…well, she’s the one who told the lie in the first place. So all is fair in love and war.

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