Horrible General Hospital Histories: Who Needs To Pay For Their Crimes Most?

Will the worst GH person be punished?

general hospital gladys, dr. montague, esme, mason.Who on GH needs to pay?

General Hospital is full of horrible people. Most of them don’t think they’re horrible. Which kind of makes them more horrible. But, even then, some are particularly horrible. More horrible than others. And out of them, who is due for some serious cosmic karma?

General Hospital Polling: Hidey Hole

Mason is…up to something bad? We think. He has a mysterious boss. Who may be a man or a woman. He is holding Nikolas, who’s in a coma, hostage. For some vague reason. He planted Betty in Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) home as Avery’s nanny to get the goods on him. In order to accomplish something. He is a bad man. But less than 2% of you care if he gets punished or not.

GH: Forget About It

Double that number, 4%, have their sights set on Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). She still hasn’t been punished for everything she did to Trina (Tabyana Ali), Joss (Eden McCoy), and Cameron (William Lipton). Not to mention seducing Nikolas, lying to Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), and, oh, yeah, colluding with her murderous Papa Ryan (Jon Lindstrom). Instead of jail time, she got the world’s most adorable baby, Laura’s (Genie Francis) friendship, and a job with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Where’s the justice?

General Hospital: Dr. Who

Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) doctor is supposed to be taking care of her, not making things worse, 18% feel they shouldn’t have to point out. He is drugging her due to Gladys’ (Bonnie Burroughs) blackmail. And that’s not just against medical ethics. It’s criminal.

GH: Bad Mother

But, in the end, a winning 76% place the bulk of the blame squarely on Gladys. She forced Dr. Montague to drug Sasha into psychosis, and all because she wanted to keep stealing Sasha’s money to pay off her own gambling debts. Gladys is the one who is evil, and Gladys is the one who needs to be drawn, quartered, tarred, feathered, flayed, and oh, yeah, arrested.

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