Here For Me: Should Josslyn Jacks Tell Trina About Dex on General Hospital?

Is there still anyone in Port Charles who doesn’t know this secret?

should josslyn jacks have told trina robinson her love life truth on general hospitalShould Joss have told Trina Robinson everything?

Josslyn Jacks kept her relationship with Dex a secret for weeks on General Hospital, convinced that once this explosive secret was revealed, Sonny would want to kill his former stepdaughter’s love. However, once Spencer told his Uncle Sonny about it, Sonny barely blinked (did it not compute?).

General Hospital Polling

Sonny (Maurice Benard) has more important things to worry about now. And since the only other person who could be affected by the news, Cam, not only knows but is headed out of town, is there any reason to keep Joss’s secret any longer? Should she confide in Trina about her love life?

GH: Done To Death

Dex’s (Evan Hofer) life is still in danger, 9% are siding with Joss (Eden McCoy) on this one. Sonny could still decide to kill Dex for sleeping with Joss. Because…well, reasons. Sonny can’t have his latest Number Two madly in love with a young woman who hates him. Sonny cares so much about Joss’s opinion of him. Or the secrets Dex might reveal to her about Sonny’s operation.

Josslyn Jacks Has A Secret General Hospital Life

Because Trina (Tabyana Ali) has nothing better to do these days than support Joss — it’s not like she and Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) have anything going on, or Trina just found out her dad might not be her dad and her mom lied to her for 20 years — 24% of the audience think Joss should absolutely confide in Trina. That will make Joss feel so much better. And then Joss should swear Trina to secrecy, remind her that Joss’s love life is the most important thing happening in Port Charles right now, so guard this secret with your life!

GH: That’s My Girl

Joss can trust Trina, 67% of you feel confident. Trina is a good friend who cares about Joss and will keep her secret. Even if she — and we — aren’t even sure why that’s still necessary.

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