Gotta Have Faith: Is Austin Gatlin-Holt Really a GH Quartermaine?

Austin Gatlin-Holt revealed his first big secret on General Hospital when he said that he was the son of Jimmy Lee Holt, the illegitimate son of Edward Quartermaine. Austin tried some big business maneuvers, but that didn’t really go anywhere. This prompts us to ask, is the good doctor the real deal?

Blood Ties For Austin Gatlin-Holt

It’s certainly possible, as 58% of you don’t have any evidence to the contrary. Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond) grew up on a farm and wasn’t exactly cut out for the executive suite, and Austin (Roger Howarth) could be following in his footsteps. Sure, he gave up milking cows for medicine, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to be a businessman. (Contrary to what Nate Hastings on The Young and the Restless might think.)

On the other hand, the whole businessman thing doesn’t seem to be coming naturally to Austin. He’s also not nearly as good at blackmail. Maybe a DNA test is in order?

General Hospital Con Man

Austin gave up his claims to the family fortune way too quickly, and 35% of the audience finds that suspicious. This had to have been a con from the start. Maybe this Austin knew the real Austin Gatlin-Holt, or at least he knew Jimmy Lee and his wife, Charity Gatlin (Gloria Carlin).

Did anyone even bother giving the family a call to ask if they had a son named Austin? Jimmy Lee may be dead, but what about Charity? And if not her, she had an older son when we first met her. Surely, he’d know if he had a brother. And where that brother is.

GH: Always Believe Quartermaines

An optimistic 7% of voters believe that Austin was too adamant to be lying. Passion scores a lot of points with you! If he said he was a long-lost Quartermaine, then he is a long-lost Quartermaine. Who would lie about something like that?

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