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Going Big: Is Ms. Wu Overstepping on General Hospital?

Selina takes control wherever she goes…but is this always a good thing?

General Hospital Ms. Wu

Just who does Selina Wu think she is on General Hospital? She’s become a bigger force lately in town and she’s going around, acting like she owns the place, making demands and refusing to be cowed by those who were more used to throwing their weight around in Port Charles. Is Selina overstepping what should be her rightful authority?

General Hospital Polling: Step Off

All Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) wanted was for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) to do something illegal for him. But Sonny isn’t that kind of man! So he turned to Selina (Lydia Look). Unlike Sonny, this mob boss has no principles. She did what Curtis asked. And now she’s acting like he owes her something in return! The gall, 84% of the audience is fuming. The entitlement, the chutzpa! How dare she demand that Curtis hold up his end of their bargain. She should be happy to even be included!

GH: Nothing Really Matters To Me

Who cares, 10% of you dismiss, all we want is more Selina Wu, and we want her now. She is one of the most interesting characters to come down the pike in ages. Not only is she a girl-boss (who can gate-keep and gaslight with the best of them), but she is someone who we truly believe can stand up to Sonny on his own terms – and maybe even win. She needs to be front and center, complete with a love interest and a story of her own, rather than just reacting to others.

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General Hospital: Know Your Place

Of course, there are also the 6% who believe Selina is fine as long as she stays on Sonny’s good side. And it’s nothing personal. We feel that way about absolutely everyone. If Sonny approves of you, that means you’re staying in your lane, and we’re good. It’s only in the event that anyone tries to stand up to the baddest mob boss on the Eastern Seaboard that you’re going too far.

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