General Hospital War Zone: Will Nikolas Cassadine Be Found?

Laura and Valentin are off on a GH adventure!

valentin and laura might find nikolas cassadine on general hospital.Valentin and Laura have teamed up.

General Hospital doesn’t seem to know what to do about the storyline limbo they’ve placed Nikolas Cassadine in. Ava thinks she killed him, and then the body disappeared. Austin thinks he helped with aiding and abetting.

General Hospital Polling

On the other hand, Laura (Genie Francis) thinks her prodigal son is in Chechnya. So does Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). He offered to go with Laura to the disputed Russian region and help her find him — for some reason. Will this odd couple succeed in their quest?

GH Reality Check

Um, why is this a question 23% of you wonder? Ava (Maura West) and Austin (Roger Howarth) may not know where Nikolas (Adam Huss) is. But we do. He’s in a coma. And Mason has him. So unless the medical facility we saw was in Chechnya, how could Laura and Valentin possibly succeed?

General Hospital: Nikolas Cassadine is Stolen Property

Sleepyhead Nik was with Mason (Nathanyael Grey) months ago. There’s been plenty of time for Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) to snatch his nephew since then and hide him somewhere in Russia, 35% of the audience asserts. And remember how we were hit over the head with Anna (Finola Hughes) speaking the language. This could all be part of one long, complicated plan to get back at her, Valentin, Laura…everyone Victor wishes to stick it to from beyond the grave. They’ll find him. Him and a lot more trouble!

General Hospital Time Piece

Sure, Laura will eventually find him, 42% predict. But it won’t be soon. And it won’t be in Chechnya. For all of the tone-deaf moves the show has been making recently, surely even they won’t be so clueless as to set a major adventure story in a part of the world that’s been embroiled in war for decades at the same time as Russia is attempting to seize another country? Chechnya is just a distraction, right? Will they soon move the action somewhere less contentious?

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