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General Hospital Truth Teller: Should Stella Henry Spill To Curtis?

Is this Stella Henry’s GH secret to spill?

stella henry thinks she knows the general hospital truth about curtis ashford and their familyShould Curtis be told what Stella Henry suspects?

Stella Henry is many, many things on General Hospital. She’s nosy. She’s mouthy. She’s full of opinions. But she is nobody’s fool. Stella put Trina Robinson’s genealogy test together with Jordon Ashford’s vagueness and added a dash of Portia Robinson looking guilty.

General Hospital Polling

One plus one plus one equaled: Curtis (Donnell Turner) is Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) biological father! So now that Stella (Vernee Watson) knows, should she go running to Curtis with her discovery? Almost 2,000 fans had strong opinions about that.

GH: Stay Out

How is this Stella’s business, 24% of the audience is wondering? Sure, she and Curtis are family, which makes her and Trina family. But so what? Family doesn’t mean you get to butt in and blab. If you really value your family, Stella, keep quiet!

Stella Henry: Step Removed

It is none of Stella’s business, 32% of you agree. Stella shouldn’t tell Curtis anything. But she can, kind of, sort of, subtly push Portia (Brook Kerr) into telling him. Portia is about to marry Curtis. Doesn’t she owe him the truth? How are they supposed to have an honest relationship without it? Stella would really be doing Portia a favor if you look at it the right way. She’s a caring, loving aunt. Isn’t she?

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GH: To Deserve You

It’s not fair, 44% of you lament. Not to Stella. Stella is fine. It’s not fair to Curtis. Everyone is lying to him. Portia is lying to him. Jordan (Tanisha Harper) is lying to him. Does Stella really want to lie to him, too? If she keeps this secret, then she’s as bad as everybody else.

How much time does Stella still have on this earth, anyway? Does she want to die knowing she betrayed her beloved nephew? No, she doesn’t. And she doesn’t deserve to. This isn’t just for Curtis’s good. It’s for Stella’s, too.

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