General Hospital: Should Jordan Ashford and Curtis Reunite?

Now that Curtis is done with Portia on GH, should he remember his last wife?

curtis ashford and jordan ashford broke up on general hospital but they looked cozy at charlie's.Should Curtis Ashford and Jordan reunite?

Portia and Curtis had barely been married an hour on General Hospital when the truth came out about Curtis possibly being Trina’s father. And we all know how Curtis feels about being lied to. He was out of there much like he was out when he learned Jordan Ashford lied to him, a few years back.

General Hospital Polling

Of course, Jordan (Tanisha Harper) lied to Curtis (Donnell Turner) about something a lot less important than maybe having a daughter. So now that Jordan looks better in comparison, should these exes try and give their relationship another chance?

Curtis Ashford: Winners Never Quit

Curtis loves to walk away from relationships, 22% remind. It’s almost like he’s looking for any excuse to bail. We’re not saying Portia (Brook Kerr) was right. But we are saying Curtis has a tendency to overreact. He definitely did it when Jordan wouldn’t let him in on her work secrets. Even when a man’s life was at stake. We’re not against a Jordan and Curtis rerun. But we think he first needs to learn what it means to work on a relationship.

Jordan Ashford: Righting What Once Went Wrong

Then again, an almost equal 23% think Curtis and Jordan should have never broken up, to begin with. He overreacted then, just like he is not overreacting now. Portia had no right to lie to him about Trina (Tabyana Ali), whereas Jordan was completely in the right back in the day. Curtis should admit that. And beg his ex-wife to take him back.

Stay the General Hospital Course

But, in the end, a winning 55% want Curtis to focus on the marriage he’s endangering now, not the one he ruined then. He and Portia said, “til death do us part.” Sure, no one in Port Charles means that, but we can pretend. And so can they. At least give it a shot. You might find out that the good outweighs the bad.

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