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General Hospital Ride or Die: Would Carly Spencer Really Help Sonny?

Is this a GH couple that will always be there for each other?

carly spencer has sonny corinthos in her general hospital corner.Would Carly do the same for Sonny Corinthos?

Carly Spencer is one lucky lady on General Hospital, but you’ve got to hand it to Sonny. Even after Carly has made it clear how much she hates, loathes, and detests him, Sonny is still willing to help her out with the SEC.

General Hospital Polling

Because Sonny (Maurice Benard) is confident that Carly (Laura Wright) would do the same for him. Is he overselling his personal charm? Here’s what over 2,000 voters think about that.

Delusional GH Dad

Oh, Sonny, Sonny, Sonny. You’re adorable, 7% giggle. Carly has never done anything for anyone — not even for those precious children of hers whom she claims to love so much — without first figuring out what’s in it for Carly.

And then, she also has to stop and calculate whether her doing a nice thing for one person might inadvertently mean doing a nice thing for someone else. And, in this case, if Carly were to help out Sonny, it might mean helping out Nina (Cynthia Watros). And we can’t have that. Not even if there’s a life on the line.

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Carly Spencer: General Hospital Match Game

A slightly bigger 9%, on the other hand, can imagine Carly helping Sonny. But only if she were single and had decided she wanted to give this toxic, doomed relationship another shot. Right now, Carly has Drew (Cameron Mathison) to worship her every move. So Sonny will just need to lump it.

GH: Together, Wherever We Go

Pay no attention to those naysayers, 84% dismiss. Just like Sonny will always be there for Carly, Carly will always be there for Sonny. Who cares if he’s with Nina and she’s with Drew? This is a love and a connection that will never die.

They have children together, they have business interests together and, most importantly, they have spite together. There is nothing Carly and Sonny love more than proving other people wrong about them. And they will always be there to do that for each other.

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