General Hospital Next Steps: What Will Happen to Sasha Now?

Is there a woman in Port Charles more put upon than Sasha?

General Hospital Sasha Gilmore CorbinGeneral Hospital Sasha Gilmore Corbin

Will poor Sasha Gilmore Corbin ever catch a break on General Hospital? First, she got addicted to drugs, then she got better. Then she lost her baby boy. Then she got re-addicted to drugs. Then she had a very public breakdown. Then she was determined incapable of taking care of herself. Now she has lost her husband, Brando Corbin.

General Hospital Polling

Sasha’s really had a rough go of things. What fresh hell will this unlucky woman face next? Soap Hub asked, and here’s what you answered.

GH On Guard

An even half of you, 50%, expect that Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) will flip out when she learns that, with Brando (Johnny Wactor) dead, she is now under the guardianship of Brando’s mother, Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs). Not only would no woman want to be at the mercy of her mother-in-law, but Sasha and Gladys have a history that isn’t…great. But Sasha isn’t as weak as some people in Port Charles presume her to be. You’re feeling confident that she will fight back…whether or not she wins, however, is another story.

General Hospital Gone and Flown

Sasha is not well, 34% of the audience insists. She can keep saying she can take care of herself, but she obviously cannot. No one would be well after what she’s been through, and Sasha didn’t start her year of hell in the best of places. She is beyond what Gladys is capable of doing or providing. Sasha needs to be sent to Shadybrook, where she can get the help she so obviously needs. The drugs were to keep her from dealing with her problems. She can’t keep pushing them off forever.

Valley of the GH Dolls

Without Brando to look after her, 16% of voters predict that Sasha will go back to drugs in a big way. Seriously, what reason does she have not to? Her son is gone. Her husband is gone. When we first met her, she was still mourning her mother. If drugs help Sasha deal with the mess her life has turned into, who are we to stop her?

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