General Hospital Girl Power: Who Should Port Charles Fear The Most?

Why the GH police should be very cautious.

carly, tracy, anna, selina, and liesl are fearsome general hospital women.Carly, Tracy, Selina, Anna, and Liesl are fearsome.

General Hospital’s Port Charles Police Department is very bad at its job. No one denies this. Only a few people pretend they don’t know it. The PCPD is the most useless profession. They know it, too. Can they really protect the citizens of Port Charles from some lethal ladies?

General Hospital Polling

They know that there are many smarter people in Port Charles. Especially many smarter women. So which one should those walking around Port Charles fear the most? Here’s who over 3,000 viewers told us is the most fearsome female.

Big Shot Anna Devane

Only 2% fear Anna (Finola Hughes) after being reminded that she was a double agent and all the harm she did in the past. Perhaps you are also well aware that Anna has a vast array of skills that could disappear a person, should she want to do it. And she’s pretty handy with a gun.

General Hospital: The Other Side

The same is true of Liesl (Kathleen Gati), according to 5% of you. Back in the day, she was the Big Bad. She kidnapped children and adults. She wore masks to pass herself off as Anna. She had children with the evil Faison (Anders Hove.) And she sang creepy karaoke. But now, she’s just a doctor and a grandma. Only a small amount feel there is still something to fear from her.

Big GH Plans

Carly (Laura Wright) wants to be scary, 12% admit, and you believe she is because what Carly wants, Carly usually gets. She learned that when she was still married to Sonny (Maurice Benard). Remember when she stepped in to run the mob after everyone thought Sonny had died? She was able to take care of business and kidnap a granny — she’ll obviously stop at nothing.

General Hospital: How It’s Done

Tracy (Jane Elliot) can teach many people a lesson or two and do so in a harsh way, 19% of you remind. She’s done her own time running a mob back in New York (on the soap, The City). She was willing to let her own father die, withholding his medication, just to keep her place in his will. A woman who will do that should be feared.

The Real GH Deal

On the other hand, 62% of the audience strongly suggests the scariest woman in Port Charles is Selina (Lydia Look). This is a woman who knows who, what, where, when, why, and how. And she has no problems making it happen.

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