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Bye, Bye, GH Love: Was Maxie Jones Right To Dump Austin?

And is she headed for even more trouble?

General Hospital Maxie Jones and Austin Gatlin-Holt

Maxie Jones actually bought a clue on General Hospital and decided she couldn’t be with Austin Gatlin-Holt after finding out he’d blackmailed Damian Spinelli. He was lying to her and exploiting her friends — something Maxie didn’t recognize about Peter August until it was too late. But is Maxie wrong to conflate the two men? Should she have given Austin another chance?

General Hospital Polling: Two Sides To Every Story

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) should have given Austin (Roger Howarth) more of a chance to explain, 12% of the audience insists. He had his reasons, and stupid and selfish though they may be, if anyone understands about stupid and selfish decisions, it’s Maxie. She might have even given Austin the benefit of the doubt if he had outlined the dilemma he was in.

GH: Too Little, Too Late

Maxie may have been right, but she was way behind the times, according to 26% of you. This relationship was dead on arrival, and Maxie should have pulled the plug months ago. It’s not only that Georgie Spinelli didn’t like him, but also it’s that the chemistry just wasn’t there. Not the kind you need to build a supercouple on, anyway.

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Well Done, Maxie Jones: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Maxie is in the right, 62% were happy to vote. She learned her lesson from Peter (Wes Ramsey), and this time responded to the red flags before things got way, way out of hand — i.e. there was a baby and a fake kidnapping, and a death, and another kidnapping and….

Maxie dumped Austin for going behind her back to exploit Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), and she’s got your complete support. It also didn’t escape your notice that she’s been bumping into Cody Bell (Josh Kelly). Now, of course, he’s an even bigger liar than Austin. But at least we see the spark between them. Is Cody Peter 2.0? Maybe. Let’s see how long it takes Maxie to figure this one out.

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