By the Book: Should Alexis Davis Go Back to Law on General Hospital?

Do the criminals of Port Charles need yet another champion?

should alexis davis return to law on general hospital?Alexis Davis.

General Hospital fans understand that the choice about whether or not to go back to practicing law isn’t exactly in Alexis’ hands. She didn’t leave voluntarily. She was disbarred. But, nothing is permanent in Port Charles. Not jail terms, not paternity, and definitely not death. So, why should Alexis losing her license to practice law be any different? If she wants to get back into her briefs, should she?

General Hospital: Full House

It’s not like Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) didn’t deserve her fate, 9% of you point out. She did commit a crime. More than one, actually. Let’s face it, it’s not like Port Charles needs more lawyers. We have Robert (Tristan Rogers) on the District Attorney’s side. Truth, justice, the Austro-American way. With Alexis’ own daughter, Molly (Holiday Mia Kriegel), to help him out. We have Diane (Carolyn Hennessey) to make sure killers, blackmailers, and kidnappers are free to commit more crimes. Let’s not forget there’s also Scott (Kin Shriner) for all the in-between occasions. So, really, what purpose would Alexis back in the game serve?

GH: Double Duty

Alexis is superwoman, 23% of the audience reminds. She should get her law license back and continue running the newspaper, too. It’s not like there’s anything going on in her personal life that would keep her from burning the midnight oil…or the daylight one.

General Hospital: Identity Theft

Alexis isn’t just a superwoman, a majority of 67% leans in. She is a superwoman who is also a supermom, a super-citizen, a super editor, and, most of all, a super-lawyer. It’s her whole identity. Alexis can’t be Alexis without it. She loves going to court, making fiery speeches, fighting the good fight, speaking up for the little guy…or the criminal paying her. Either way, publishing editorials will never make her as happy. She needs to return to the law, ASAP. If she can’t be a lawyer anymore, then she should be a judge. No one said her criminal record should keep her from being a judge, did they? Ah-ha! Loophole!

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