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Paternity Puzzler: Is Drew Oscar’s Dad on General Hospital (GH)?

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For weeks, General Hospital’s Josslyn has been prodding her boyfriend, Oscar, to find out who his biological dad might be. They’ve queried and questioned and snooped and stalked. And then a major clue just fell into their laps. Oh, those lazy millennials…

What could have possibly turned Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) mom, Kim (Tamara Braun – no, you’re not losing your mind; there’s a reason she looks familiar) upside down?

She arrived as the confident doctor who made it clear to both Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) that she was neither impressed nor intimidated by their line of work and turned into a cowering, stammering, weak-kneed woman who had to leave before the turkey was even served.

That would be the sight of Jason (Steve Burton). Whom Kim called Drew. The name Jason’s supposed twin was supposedly going under before he supposedly took over Jason’s life (supposedly accidentally).

There is only one conclusion to be drawn here. So, how many of GH’s fans drew it? After over 10,000 votes were tallied, this is what you said.

Can I Call You Dad?
Of course, Drew is Oscar’s father, 85% of you are throwing your hands in the air and exclaiming mightily.

It’s so obvious! Would Kim be this flustered over a mere one-night stand from her past if it didn’t pay off dividends nine months later? She’s an OBGYN, she knows where babies come from (one hopes).

Plus, it would mean that Carly’s daughter is dating her beloved Jason’s nephew. Carly will take whatever piece of Jason she can get. Always.

Please Let There Be a Twist
It’s so obvious, it’s got to be a fake-out, plead the remaining 15%. This story can’t be this boring, can it?

Maybe Kim is hiding the fact that the real daddy is Jason. Or that hit-man Jason killed the real dad. Or that she is part of the evil conspiracy that replaced Drew’s memories with Jason’s (OBGYN’s can dabble in nueropsych). Anything but this tedious paint-by-numbers set!

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