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Past Their Time: Is It Too Late For Jason and Sam on General Hospital?

Jason and Sam General HospitalJason and Sam General Hospital

Some General Hospital couples can overcome anything — despair, divorce, death — and for a while there, it looked like Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) might fit the bill.

They first hooked up when Sam was pregnant with Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) baby. Something all women in Port Charles have to go through.

The love story ended when Jason “died.” It continued when Jason returned from the dead. Only it turned out he wasn’t Jason. He was Drew (Billy Miller). Sam learned she’d married her husband’s long-lost identical twin when the real Jason really did come back.

So, the path was clear for their reunion. Right? Not so fast. It’s taken so long for the star-crossed lovers to reunite, we have to ask, has Jason and Sam’s time passed? Over 8,000 weigh in.

Always and Forever
Jason and Sam are timeless, 58% push back. This is a couple who can never grow old, they can never fall out of love and, most importantly, they can never, ever bore you.

So what if this gradual drift back towards each other is taking longer than practically anyone can tolerate? It hurts so good! Jason and Sam should be front and center every day and if it takes years for them to realize the obvious, so be it! You can – and you will – wait forever.

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What a Waste
Pull the plug, 41% sigh. Sam and Jason were great in the beginning, but that time has long passed. Now they don’t even seem to be trying. Sure, their music plays whenever they’re in the vicinity of the other, but nothing else is happening.

They don’t even seem to want to be together. And when the characters – or, at least, actors – have lost interest, why shouldn’t you give up the ghost, too? GH had a supercouple on their hands, but they dragged it out too long and now the thrill is gone.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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