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Parry Shen Confirms He’s NOT Leaving General Hospital

Parry Shen General HospitalParry Shen General Hospital

Apparently, reports of Parry Shen’s General Hospital exit have been greatly exaggerated thanks to the actor himself commenting on a speculation story about Brad’s demise.

Parry Shen Clarifies

Earlier this week, Soap Hub reported that Shen seemed to be saying he was leaving GH on his Facebook page after the soap blog, SoapDirt, surmised Brad might die in a car accident this week. This came after rumors surfaced on Twitter over the same thing.

Fans expressed their sadness on his FB post, as well as all over Soap Twitter, but Shen did not deny he was leaving until after GH aired yesterday and we learned that Brad came through the car accident practically unscathed.

However, fans were relieved on Wednesday evening when Shen took to Twitter to respond to followers and admit that no, he is not leaving and his FB post was all in fun over the weekend.

“Nope [I am not leaving]. And I read all the sweet farewells. I honestly had no idea anyone would really care. So, this was kinda like being at my own eulogy reading all these incredible messages,” he tweeted.

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Various tweets followed, including Shen saying the Chris Evans Avengers quote should have been the giveaway. “Chris Evans technically did. If I was really leaving, I wouldn’t plagiarize someone else’s farewell. But I couldn’t clarify until today’s show aired. And I always get so bad that this cat got spankes on Tom & Jerry.”

Shen also admitted he didn’t realize his FB comment would have been taken out of context. Regarding social media usage, he tweeted: “But what was NOT an expert use was assuming my comment about an article regarding Brad’s demise on my FB wouldn’t be taken out of context and blown outta proportion like a game of telephone gone wrong.”

All we can say is we are glad Shen and Brad are not leaving the General Hospital canvas because there is obviously so much more story to tell. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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