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Will Franco Revert To Bad Habits on General Hospital?

Franco General HospitalFranco General Hospital

When General Hospital fans first met Franco, he was a serial killer. Wait, sorry, he was an artist. Who expressed his art via serial killing. He also made Sam (Kelly Monaco) think he’d raped her and that he might be Danny’s father. So, you know, an all-around great guy.

General Hospital Polling

But then viewers learned that none of the above was Franco’s fault. It was a tumor! The tumor was cut out, and Franco (Roger Howarth) could turn into a romantic leading man, great husband, great stepdad, all-around great guy 2.0. So now that the tumor is back, does that mean so is Franco 1.0? What almost 2,000 of you expect to happen:

Not Again – For Liz’s Sake

A winning 60% of the General Hospital audience is hoping that won’t be the case. You love Franco just the way he is, meaning with Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and the boys – and no serial killing! Maybe this tumor will grow in a slightly different place, which means that, instead of serial killing, Franco might be compelled to… arrange flowers? Port Charles science at its finest!

Never Again

A smaller 26% aren’t simply hoping it won’t happen, you are certain it won’t happen. Franco has grown too much from the guy who worshiped Jason (Steve Burton) and wanted to honor his murder spree through art. He’s become more integrated into society and now knows right from wrong. He’ll keep walking the straight and narrow. You’re sure of it.

Back To Before

Only 14% are expecting to see the old Franco back – with a vengeance. To hell with Liz and playing house. The artist is back and he’s ready to show the world who he really is! Maybe it’s the tumor talking, maybe it’s Franco’s true nature finally rearing its head again. But, in any case, art must not be contained! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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