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OK, General Hospital, We Have A Question–Where Are Ava’s Burns?

Sure, we can see that one half of Ava’s face is scarred hence her Phantom Of The Opera mask, but we seem to recall Ava having a whole lot more bandages soon after the fire she started on General Hospital (GH).

In fact, Ava (Maura West) was so severely burned that her life hung in the balance and she even coded at one point. Some facial burns usually don’t cause life or death situations like that.

However, now Ava looks so good just a few months after being burned that we even see her cleavage. When she laid near death, her chest was bandaged and the doctors told her family she’d been burned on a large percentage of her body–not just one half of her face.

Sure, she could have had some skin grafting done, but in reality burn victims go through many more months and even years of treatment to look, feel, and act even half as good as Ava. Heck, she hugs Kiki (Hayley Erin) like it’s nothing. Not even a flinch when her daughter leans into her.

It almost feels as if GH is doing a disservice to burn victims showing such a quick recovery from something so horrific and severe. Right now, the story just seems like a vanity story rather than what a true burn victim goes through.

With Ava Jerome, a vanity story fits the character, but somehow the rest of the burns on her body have disappeared.

In fact, the Russian clinic must be doing wonders for the woman as her hair even looks good, too. It was getting that yellow look, but perhaps the clinic comes with a salon considering it now has a lighter ash blonde tone to it. Is she trying to impress the mysterious Patient 6 (Steve Burton)?

She even flat ironed it, so with the hope of getting her face back, Ava figured why not go all out? But, how the rest of her was cured so simply, we’ll just never know…

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