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So, Now That Jim Harvey Is Dead, Can General Hospital Explain Him?

Jim Harvey General HospitalJim Harvey General Hospital

Sometimes characters are brought on soaps for just a short period of time to stir up trouble, but they seem to make sense with the plot… one plot, that is. General Hospital (GH) recently made the odd decision to bring on someone short-term to basically play two different bad guys in two different stories and we’re still scratching our heads.

While the end of the Jim Harvey story made for some intense scenes and stellar acting, the rest of it was like, huh, what, why???

Yes, Jim Harvey was the child-molesting boyfriend who Betsy brought into her home when she had two small boys living with her as well. She seemed to know at some point that he molested her son, but did she know when it was going on?

However, Jim Harvey was so much more. He was the man who leaked a big story to the press right before the mayoral polls closed, handing the election to Ned.

He was also the man who wanted so much to make money he began fracking underneath Charles Street and caused an earthquake.

It felt like we were watching two completely different Jim Harveys and maybe that was the point. Anyone can be a child molester. And an election rigger. And not care about the environment and frack. And they can all be one person with that dark, hidden secret.

Is that what GH was trying to go for? If so, it didn’t work for us. He just seemed like he didn’t belong in any storyline, much less two such important ones.

We have nothing against Greg Evigan and still find it hard to believe that was the same 80s primetime star from BJ and the Bear and My Two Dads, but the character just didn’t belong in that many stories.

We could have had the fracking election rigger who wanted a politician on his side as one bad guy and then someone totally different to explain Franco and Drew’s childhood. Maybe then would any of this have made sense.

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