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Note to GH: When You Drop a Story For a YEAR, Few People Care

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When Helena’s will was read last year on General Hospital (GH), people actually wanted to know what Liz’s “inheritance” meant.

This was soon after Jake (then James Nigbor) had began art therapy with Franco, drew some seriously creepy pictures of Sam (Kelly Monaco), and terrorized his own home for attention.

A few months prior, he dropped a Quartermaine vase when he heard Helena’s name mentioned.

When Liz (Rebecca Herbst) was handed the storybook called “Jake’s Adventure,” we thought we’d get a great story and learn what happened to the boy all the years he was with Helena.

And then, a year passed. During that year, Jake (now Hudson West) was trotted out to do a Nurses’ Ball appearance, become attached to a puppy, and attend Jason and Sam’s wedding.

He was essentially grouped in with Liz’s never-seen “boys” (Cam and Aiden are CLEARLY invisible, didn’t you know?) and GH forgot about that book. Liz opened it one day in the GH locker room, and the story was dropped like a hot potato.

Now that it’s back in full force, do we really care? It just feels contrived at the moment, as if the writers needed a story for Franco (Roger Howarth) and Liz and then remembered, oh wait–we had one, but oops, we forgot it was there.

It makes little sense that parents would know a child was traumatized but then decide to do nothing about it because he got over stage fright in the Metro Court ballroom one night.

It also makes little sense that Liz would just forget that book since it seemed so odd and mysterious. (Of course, maybe it makes a little sense since Liz seems to forget she has two other kids.)

Sadly, we find ourselves bored with this story a year later. It lost its momentum and now seems to be running on hot air.

Telling a story about characters from start to finish without several story arcs in between is the real way to keep fans interested.

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