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Note to GH: Why Alexis Can NEVER Take Julian Back!!!

General Hospital, Julian and AlexisGeneral Hospital, Julian and Alexis

In February, Julexis fans’ dreams came true as their favorite “General Hospital” couple said ‘I do.’

Everything Changed…FAST!
In July, everything that could go wrong, went wrong and you can’t come back from this one.

We see the Julexis fan pain every day on social media as they wonder what happened to this pairing. Julian Jerome (William deVry) basically snapped and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) knew she couldn’t live a life with a cold-blooded killer. What we witnessed this week was pure soap brilliance, but we knew Julexis reached the point of no return.

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Vicious Abuse
In a stunning display of spousal abuse, Julian not only violently grabbed his wife and kidnapped her, he also held a dagger to her neck and threatened to kill her. Odds are, if Sonny (Maurice Benard) hadn’t shown up when he did, Julian would have taken the same dagger that killed his wife’s mother and slit her throat with no remorse.

Thankfully, Sonny did show up, giving Alexis the guts and opportunity to literally stab her husband in the back the way he figuratively stabbed her.

[relbar link=”http://soaphub.wpengine.com/general-hospital/general-hospital-polls/general-hospital-hottie-dillon-win-kiki-morgan/” text=”Team Morgan or Team Dillon? Who Should Win the Epic Battle?”]The Point of No Return
But, here’s the thing–they can’t come back from this. We still remember when Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) wore a wire to get the goods on Sonny. Yes, he became violent, but he never held a knife to her neck and he never threatened to kill her. Do we condone what he did all those years ago? Of course not. However, Brenda was a different type of character. She seemed almost made for the mob life. Alexis, on the other hand, is most certainly NOT.
If Alexis ever took Julian back, it would destroy this strong, intelligent, witty and everywoman character Nancy Lee Grahn has brought to glorious life for decades. She did marry him, but only believing he had changed. Now that she knows this leopard could never change his spot, Alexis has only one option. Divorce her monster of a husband and never look back.
A Leopard Who Never Changed His Spots
We admit we also loved Julexis and looked forward to their nuptials this winter. We also thought Julian became a different man when he thought his infant son died. But, the writers went in a different and startling direction. There’s no turning back from this week–and we will NOT accept a second “brain tumor defense” because that kind of thing only works once per soap. GH already used it this decade and can’t use it again.
While we feel for Julexis fans, we also adore Alexis. We want more for her. We want to see her keep her integrity. Please, GH, don’t ruin this character by one day sending her back to a man who held a dagger to her throat.

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