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Note To Drew: It’s Time To Find Out Who You Are On General Hospital

Drew General HospitalDrew General Hospital

Sam has decided she wants a divorce from the man she only married the first time because she thought he was Jason… and at this point, she’s not even sure she wants to be with Jason. She jus wants to learn who she is. It’s high time General Hospital’s resident ex-Navy SEAL does the same.

At least Sam technically knows who she is and remembers her life. Drew’s memories were wiped clean and are now stored in a flash drive inside a disco ball because OF COURSE.

But, he somehow knew that Kim was familiar without those memories, so it’s a good bet they’re in there somewhere–if only Drew would make some concerted effort to access them.

It’s not like Drew has anything better to do these days. All he seems to do is wander about town listening to his friends problems and ignoring his own. Curtis and Franco are great buds, but they don’t have your life on a flash drive, Drew. You need your life.

You have a son you don’t remember conceiving and a woman you conceived him with pining for you while you don’t remember she couldn’t cook chili.

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This is bothering her. You need to remember that, Drew.

We know there’s more to your past than group homes, the military, and Kim, and we want to know what it is. You should too because you may find there’s more to life than Sam out there. You may even discover why you decided to buy a media company since that never made sense anyway.

Drew, focus on you now. Focus on who you were before you were Jason Morgan. It’s probably the only way to happiness–and to get us viewers out of this storyline rut.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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