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Not So Fast, Carson! Could Avery Still Be Morgan’s On General Hospital?

Avery and Company General HospitalAvery and Company General Hospital

Sometimes it seems that Carly wants to hang onto Avery more than Sonny does on General Hospital (GH)–and maybe there’s a very good reason for that.

Remember, there was a paternity question when Ava learned she was pregnant and it was between father and son–Sonny and Morgan.

And, remember it was Carly who had her hands on those paternity tests, hinting that she could have switched the results so her precious son wouldn’t be tied to Ava through a child for the rest of his life.

That would make Avery a certain couple’s granddaughter and not daughter and step-daughter. But, is it possible? That’s what Soap Hub asked and you sure answered.

Oh yes, say 63% of you who never liked that Avery’s paternity was always left both answered and vague at the same time.

Carly is much too obsessive over this little girl who isn’t even blood related to her and if that little girl is her grandchild, it would make so much sense in the end.

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This would bring in a whole new custody arrangement (meaning, the girl’s mother gets custody and maybe Granny and Grandpa can visit) and even give Morgan a compelling story when he inevitably returns since, of course, no body was ever found so we know Morgan will be back some day.

The other 37% of you say this question should be dead and buried, since it’s already been answered and you believe definitively that Avery is Sonny’s daughter and that’s that.

At this point, Avery’s paternity is established, she’s formed a bond with Sonny as her father, and revisiting the question is old news. Plus, with Morgan out of the picture, it makes for much more interesting story for Sonny and Ava to constantly be fighting it out.

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