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On the Nose(y)! Is Aunt Stella Just Too Much on General Hospital?


No soap fan can pretend not to be a wee bit nosy themselves. Would we watch General Hospital (and other daytime dramas) if we didn’t care about the doings (and scandals) of other people?

But we’re outside of Port Charles, not in it, like Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson-Johnson). Is Stella’s interest in Curtis (Donell Turner), and TJ (Tequan Richmond), and Mike (Max Gail), and… pretty much everyone about normal for living in a town with so much drama? Or, is it – and she – too much?

We asked over 17,000 fans – and you answered!

Stella is a nosy old biddy, 94% of you have no qualms about declaring. She needs to stay out of other people’s business. And if she won’t… well, then you’ll try a little bit of turn-about is fair play. How would Stella like it if total strangers explored her checkered past as a:

* Sassy, truant Brooklyn teen (see: Welcome Back, Kotter)
* As a friend of Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels
* As a regular visitor of Fantasy Island… and The Love Boat (where she used different names and pretended to be different people each time!)
* As Benson’s sister
* A Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s mom
* Genoa City’s Birdie
* Salem’s Dr. Ella
* A nurse on House
* A nurse on Two and a Half Men
* A nurse on Big Bang Theory

Watch it, Aunt Stella, or we’ll tell all! (No, seriously, we just named a few of the highlights of Vernee Watson’s prolific career.)

Due Process
Only a minority 5% thinks that Stella is justified in her nosiness. The fact is, the people of Port Charles are a messed up lot, and if you don’t display some curiosity about what in the world they’re thinking, then there’s something wrong with you, not Stella.

Stella is only reacting the way a normal person would, as she works to untangle the various GH relationships, and the secrets they’re all keeping.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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