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Is Nora in Port Charles Just to Prosecute Sonny — or More?

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Now that General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini has announced that Hillary B. Smith is bringing her One Life to Live character, Nora, to the Port Charles, the speculation about what her story will be has begun.

So what will Nora do in PC? A throwaway line from a recent episode is the best clue – that the new female district attorney wants to make a name for herself with Sonny’s trial.

Considering there are a plethora of defense attorneys already on the show, being a prosecutor does make perfect sense. (And PC has needed a new DA since serial killer Paul lost his marbles and was hauled off to jail.) But Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) trial the only reason to bring Nora to town?

The elephant in the room of course is how Nora reacts when she sees characters who look an awful lot like the faces she knows from Llanview. After all, Franco (Roger Howarth) sure resembles Nora’s nemesis, Todd Manning.

In fact, both actors won a Daytime Emmy during the story that had Nora defending Todd in the rape trial of Marty Saybrooke. Will the show simply do a cheeky nod, with Nora thinking he looks familiar or will it become a real story point?

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Also, Hamilton Finn sure looks a lot like John McBain, since Michael Easton of course played both characters.

But there could actually be fireworks if Nora runs into Olivia Jerome. Tonja Walker recently returned to play the back-from-the-dead character but she also played Alex Olanov, a one-time rival for Bo Buchanan’s affection (speaking of, are he and Nora still married?!).

What if we’ve been watching Alex this whole time (could Faison have programmed her to think she’s Olivia?)?

Could Nora be the key to blowing Alex’s cover? Even if she truly is Olivia, could Nora end up in deep trouble if she thinks it’s Alex perpetrating yet another fraud? Things could get really interesting!

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