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Next Steps: Is It Time For New Story–ANY New Story–For Liz and Franco on General Hospital (GH)?

It’s always something when it comes to General Hospital’s (GH) Liz and Franco. If he isn’t locking her rapist up in a cage, he is helping her freshly-back-from-the-dead son deal with his trauma.

And then there was the whole guy who they thought was Jason (Steve Burton) really turning out to be Drew (Billy Miller), Franco’s (Roger Howarth) one-time brother whom he pushed down the stairs because Franco was a psycho kid.

No, wait, he did it to protect Drew from their adoptive mom’s abusive boyfriend, Jim, and then the boyfriend was back in town and Franco remembered everything and Drew killed Jim and brothers. Yay!

So basically, a lot of drama. Somewhere in between there, Franco also left Liz (Rebecca Herbst) waiting at the altar on their wedding day. And there was an earthquake. Though those two things may not necessarily have been connected. Or maybe they were. Cause Jim Harvey.

Now that that’s over with, is it time for a brand new story for Friz? Here’s what almost 8,000 fans said:

You Have To Move On
Yes, 89% cry. Could we have something else? Anything else? You don’t think you could live through yet another story where everyone thinks Franco is bad, but then it turns out Franco is good, and doesn’t everybody feel stupid?

You keep being force-fed more and more of Franco’s past, when you would rather concentrate on his present – with Liz.

You Have To Move Out
Meanwhile, 10% of you don’t want a new story for Franco and Liz, you want no story for Franco and Liz. You’ve never liked them together, and this childhood regression hasn’t changed your mind one iota.

Liz, take the wedding day earthquake as a sign, and move on. You can do better. There’s an extra Jason wandering around Port Charles, and only one Sam (Kelly Monaco). Maybe the spare is up for grabs?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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