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Will Walt Willey Bring Susan Lucci from Pine Valley to Port Charles?

Walt Willey and Susan Lucci created a memorable duo in Jackson and Erica on AMC.

walt willey on bringing susan lucci with him to general hospital.Susan Lucci and Walt Willey as Erica and Jack.

Now that Walt Willey is back on General Hospital playing Jackson Montgomery, his All My Children character, the actor is once again testing romantic chemistry waters. He’s currently being paired with the always-entertaining Lynn Herring, who plays Lucy, but he recently weighed in on the prospect of working once again with Susan Lucci, AKA Erica Kane, his longtime AMC co-star.

Walt Willey Loves Playing Jackson

“I was really honored, you know?” Willey shares with KABC-TV, Channel 7, entertainment reporter George Pennachio. “I don’t think any actor expects to spend 90% of their career playing the same character, but at the same time — what a wonderful thing.”

Willey has experience on daytime not only from his extended run on AMC but also his time on Ryan’s Hope, where he played Joe Novak, and on Another World, where he played Jim LaRusso in a storyline with Stephen Schnetzer (Cass) and the late Nancy Frangione (Cecile). However, getting back into the swing of daytime — especially with today’s pace — was a bit of a challenge.

“People said to me, ‘Oh, don’t worry. It’s just like riding a bicycle…you’ll get right back on!'” Willey says. “Well, that was true, except I got right back on, [I] was pushed out into the middle of the Tour de France,” laughed Willey. “These people move!”

Erica Kane Travel Plans

Naturally, Willey’s aware that fans would love to see Erica join him on GH. It’s likely Lucci will travel to the West Coast to receive her Lifetime Achievement Daytime Emmy Award when the delayed ceremony finally takes place. Maybe GH will take advantage of that timing and invite Lucci on for some shows.

“And for all those folks who want me to bring Susan Lucci with me next time — soon as I find a traveling trunk big enough!” Willey quips. “I want to give her some room — I’m just going to bring her in!”

Walt Willey Will Likely Be Back for More GH

Walt Willey, in between GH gigs, is busy with his art. The actor/artist has been painting portraits, and his work is available to be seen on his Etsy shop. In order to work on his art, Willey rises very early and he paints from about 6 a.m. to noon. “It’s wonderful,” he says.

Pennacchio shared in his on-air report that Willey’s been invited to attend a GH fan event at Graceland in October. The reporter theorized that if Willey’s partaking in publicity meet-and-greets with fans, it’s indeed possible that he’ll be popping up again on GH.

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