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Vanessa Marcil Talks What You Don’t Know About Maurice Benard And Her GH Future

Vanessa Marcil has a lot to say about the GH favorite.

vanessa marcil addresses her friendship with maurice benard, whose sonny was in love with her brendaVanessa Marcil loves talking about former co-star Maurice Benard.

While Sonny Corinthos has moved on to have a relationship with Nina, many fans still remember his sizzling relationship with Brenda Barrett, whose portrayer, Vanessa Marcil, recently addressed that special relationship and so much more.

Vanessa Marcil Talks Maurice Benard

The beloved star took part in a live chat with fans via Coastal Entertainment where the question came up of what would fans be surprised to know about Maurice Benard. Of course, having played Brenda to his Sonny certainly gave Marcil some insight — as has their decades-long friendship.

“So I think that he started to show this more now, obviously, [but] I think that people never really knew how funny he was for a long time, right,” shared Marcil. “He was always so serious all the time and kind of quite tortured because he’s such a method actor, but he’s always been hilariously funny. I think now he’s really being able to embrace how funny he is, and I think the fans love to see that contrast of how he is in real life compared to these dark characters that he plays.

“But another thing about Mo that’s really funny is Mo has never ever had his own phone or his own cars, he doesn’t — he’s kind of like royalty,” she joked. “He doesn’t drive, he doesn’t email, he doesn’t talk on the phone, he’s just starting to go into that area. Also, now, like now, you can text Maurice Bernard.” But Marcil wasn’t done with what she had to share about her former co-star.

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“He’s also very sentimental, and so when [Marcil’s significant other] M.C. and I just went to his daughter’s wedding, there was like a few moments where he grabbed M.C. aside and like hugged him for a little too long. He’s like, ‘I really love…really like you for Vanessa,’ and then like a few times where he pulled me aside, he says these very sentimental things to me. But I will tell you the most important thing that you all need to know, and you can spread the word through all those other fan bases…Mo loves me the most,” she smiled.

Upon hearing that, one person wrote in the chat that perhaps she should return to General Hospital. Will that happen?

“My gosh, well, you know, I will eventually, like there’s no way that it won’t happen. You know, I hate to even say the thing, so I won’t say the thing, but it’ll happen eventually. It’s like I wouldn’t have a career, we wouldn’t have the beautiful lives we have if they hadn’t even my first shot there, so I’ll always honor, you know, where I came from. But in addition to that, I just love that character so much. She’s such a multilayered, incredible character that I think was very ahead of her time.

“And the fact that Maurice is always still there, you know, makes it a no-brainer because I couldn’t go back and work opposite a Sonny recast or some of these crazy things that happened to some characters.”

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