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Soap Hub Flashback Friday: Kelly Thiebaud Recalls GH Love Scene

The former GH star recalled some fun times with Steve Burton.

kelly thiebaud recalled some fun times with steve burton on general hospitalThe actress looked back at a hot GH moment.

The coupling of Jason Morgan and Britt Westbourne may not have lasted long on General Hospital, but Kelly Thiebaud proves it was quite memorable — at least in one particular way. She recently looked back on what made their big love scene a funny memory in this Flashback Friday moment.

Kelly Thiebaud Looks Back

At a recent Coastal Entertainment fan Zoom gathering with pal Parry Shen (Brad), Thiebaud was asked to remember a scene that had a backstage story fans may not know about. Initially, the Daytime Emmy-winner didn’t recall a particular memory but towards the end of the Zoom event she recollected a love scene with Steve Burton’s Jason Morgan.

In the story, Britt had gone on the run with Jason, and one night, things began to heat up for the couple after she had confided in him about the possibility she may have Huntington’s Disease. But while viewers saw the two finally get down to some “love in the afternoon,” it was a different matter off-stage.

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“When we had our first, our only love scene on the show,” Thiebaud began, “he was, you know, he’s like a very ripped guy, and he’s very much into fitness and everything. Literally, in between every single take — he was shirtless and had his jeans on, which was also really funny — but he would run behind the stage, and he was like doing 20 pushups!”

Incredulous, she continued, “He’d come back, and then we do a scene, and then he’d run behind the stage and do 20 pushups, and he was so sweaty and out of breath, and I was like, ‘Dude, how long are you gonna keep this up?’ He was constantly going back and forth, going back and forth, and it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

“I mean, that guy cracked me up, but that was a really funny little behind-the-scenes story. It was hard not to laugh when we were rolling because I was just like, you’re a maniac,” laughed Thiebaud. When asked if she wished they could have played out that storyline further, she shared, “For sure. Yeah, I think cause I know Steve missed it too. Yeah, that was like a massive blow to both of us, [and] the audience. I think even though a lot of people were like, we don’t like this…but I think they secretly were like wanting to see if they could like it. But yeah, [the relationship ending because Burton left the show] sucked big time.”

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