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Soap Hub Flashback Friday: Jon Lindstrom Reveals His GH Drag Secret

Jon Lindstrom walked down Memory Lane to share how he was able to pull of a big GH moment.

jon lindstrom played in drag with john j. york's mac on general hospitalGetting to do it with a great GH pal helped make it fun for Jon Lindstrom.

Recently, Mac and Kevin got to reconnect on General Hospital during a dramatic time in both their lives, but actor Jon Lindstrom recalled a time when the two took more of a comedic turn. That moment is the focus of this week’s Soap Hub Flashback Friday.

Jon Lindstrom Looks Back

At a recent Coastal Entertainment fan Zoom gathering, Lindstrom had the chance to connect with the show’s fans and discuss his many years in daytime and on General Hospital specifically, seeing as how the show is celebrating 60 years on the air. A couple of participants asked about Mac (John J. York) and Kevin in drag, and it turns out the actor didn’t want to do it…at first.

“Well, the Norma and Eve thing [the names of their female personas] — John is just such a great guy, and what you see is our friendship coming through,” beamed the actor. “But, you know, we are the most unattractive women, and we know it, we embrace it.

“But I remember the high heels and those heels, man, those are killer, they’re just killer. God. Good God,” he empathized. “Any time a woman says to me, my feet are killing me. I’m like, I hear you.” When asked if they’d ever do it again, Lindstrom answered tongue-in-cheek and then recalled the first time.

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“Depends on the song, I think,” he deadpanned. “I really don’t know. I look back at that time when we first did it, and it was really fun. It was one of those things that I resisted. I didn’t want to do it.” It turns out the actor had a lightbulb moment that ended up changing everything for him.

“It finally hit me. I said, ‘Just do Cher, you’re Cher, play Cher,’ because you have a long [hair wig] and glasses, and I just kind of did a Cher thing [the hair flip], and suddenly it kind of was like, boing! And John York, he doesn’t care. I mean, he will completely humiliate himself if it means he’ll get a laugh. He will do anything.

“We just have a great time,” reiterated Jon Lindstrom. “I think any chance to work with John is a  good chance, so that’s a good opportunity to take. Maybe if they sing some Marvin Gaye or something, you know.” Will it happen? Stay tuned to the rest of the Nurses Ball to find out.

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