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General Hospital Just Revealed The Real Reason Jason’s Working For The FBI…And It’s All About Jarly

Jason and Carly will always be each other’s number ones.

Carly and Jason from General Hospital with the Soap Hub logo across the bottom.Jason is working with the FBI because of Carly.

Just when we thought General Hospital gave us the whole story behind where Jason’s been, the April 2, 2024 episode revealed a pivotal piece for why he’s done the things he’s done.

An Unexpected Encounter

When Anna (Finola Hughes) asked Jason (Steve Burton) to meet her in her PCPD office, he wasn’t expecting them to be joined by a third person. When John (Adam Harrington) walked in, the two exchanged death glares.

Anna assured John she knew what was going on and demanded she remain a part of it. John scolded Jason for telling Anna, to which Jason aggressively asked him why he didn’t tell him they knew each other in high school.

John simply said that fact was irrelevant and told Jason he wanted him to become bait to lure out Pikeman, and that was when John gave him the ‘or else.’

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The Real Leverage

It was previously shown that John was holding RICO violations over Jason as leverage to get him to work as an informant. It was easy to assume the charges John had were against Jason, so what John just revealed was a shocker.

“Cooperate… or we use the evidence we already have and charge Carly Spencer with RICO violations and criminal conspiracy,” John told Jason. While they didn’t go into detail about what exactly the charges are, it can be assumed they came from Carly’s (Laura Wright) short period running Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) organization in 2021.

Alone in Anna’s office later, she assured Jason it all made sense now after learning he was protecting Carly. “She can’t know,” he countered before leaving her office.

How do you think Carly would react if she found out, and what will it mean for Jarly? Let us know in the comments.

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