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Nicholas Alexander Chavez Clues In Viewers On That Magical Leap

The young GH actor gave fans a behind-the-scenes tidbit about that amazing Sprina reunion.

nicholas alexander chavez talks sprina reunion on general hospital.The GH star shared behind-the-scenes information about this incredible moment.

General Hospital star Nicholas Alexander Chavez knows how his fans adore Spencer’s pairing with Tabyana Ali’s Trina. Recently the pair took things to another level when Trina finally received proof that her belief that Spencer was still alive was warranted when he emerged okay — and she literally lept into his arms. The handsome young star shed some light on that amazing moment.

Nicholas Alexander Chavez Spills A BTS Tidbit

The actor took to his Twitter account to let fans know whose idea for that magical moment was and how it came about. “Alright alright I’m going to get better at social media so I’m trying a new thing. Introducing…Behind the Scenes with Nicholas – Pt. 1 ‘Tabyana jumping into my arms was a spur of the moment improvisation,'” he wrote, next to the video in which he explained even more.

“I’ve been made aware that there’s a lot of buzz on social media about the Spencer and Trina reunion yesterday and you guys have a lot of questions because it was a beautiful moment between these two characters and the number one question that I’m seeing, getting asked is was that planned? I mean, how many times did we rehearse the jump into my arms ’cause I don’t know if you saw that but I mean if that was a diving competition, she would have gotten a 10,” he said, looking very proud of his co-star.

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“She leaped, she leaped into my arms, which was beautiful,” continued Nicholas Alexander Chavez. “So I want to answer this question how many times did we rehearse it? We rehearsed it once, we rehearsed it once, and she came up to me. She was just supposed to hug me. It was supposed to be a nice embrace. We were going to turn around. We were going to kiss.

“Tabyana, in the spur of the moment, and I love her, I love that she did this,” he made clear. “In the spur of the moment, when we go to the actual take, I’m like walking with a limp, I’ve come from just diving off…escaping the ship, and she jumps…leaps into my arms without warning. It was beautiful. I loved it.

“Definitely like threw me off for a second, and then once I…recovered…I mean, it was just so sweet,” he said, smiling. “But no, it was not rehearsed at all. That was not a rehearsed moment. It was completely improvised on Tabyana’s standpoint, or from her perspective. That was lovely. We just had an amazing time filming it. Definitely one of my favorite things I’ve ever filmed for General Hospital. So there you go…little bit of behind-the-scenes info on that scene,” added Nicholas Alexander Chavez, before wishing everyone a great day.

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