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Dante Received Some Important Visitors After Waking Up On General Hospital

Everyone wants to see Dante now that he’s awake.

General Hospital for April 1 featured Sonny, Dante, and Jason.Sonny, Dante, and Jason.

Not everyone rushed to Dante’s bedside after he finally woke up on General Hospital. On the April 1, 2024 episode, the detective received some important visitors who are putting him in the middle of their feud.

Sonny Sees His Son

It didn’t take long for Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) to be up and out of bed after waking up from his coma, and Sonny (Maurice Benard) was presumably the first one to see him taking a lap around the hospital. Dante assured his father he was doing well, but it didn’t take long for the conversation to divert to Jason (Steve Burton).

Dante recounted the night of his shooting to Sonny, assuring him Jason only helped him, despite Sonny pressing for more that might implicate Jason. Sonny told him he’d seen Jason and declared his former best friend is dead to him after learning of him now working for the FBI.

Dante was quick to come to Jason’s defense and suggested his father get the full story from Jason before jumping to any conclusions. However, it was revealed that Sonny’s strong feelings are coming from a lack of his bipolar medication, orchestrated by Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) for Pikeman.

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Jason Pays A Visit

It was an ominous camera shot of an unknown person looking in on Dante sleeping until it was revealed to be Jason. Dante immediately thanked him for saving his life, but Jason countered he wouldn’t have been harmed if not for his actions to begin with.

Dante jokingly took his thank you back before delving into the important question, like what happened to the guy who shot him and who Jason’s been informing on.

Jason, being Jason, didn’t allude to much — unlike when he divulged everything to Anna — but did assure Dante that Sonny is safe and not the target in all this.

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