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A 35-Year-Old Tristan Rogers Story Surprises Fans…and Emma Samms

Tristan Rogers made a move long ago that kept Holly and Robert’s love intact.

Emma Samms and Tristan Rogers GH

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost four decades since General Hospital took a chance and paired dashing Robert Scorpio with his “late” best friend Luke Spencer’s lady, Holly Sutton, and fireworks erupted. It’s no secret that viewers have always had a special place in their hearts for Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms and now the actors had a chance to thank them.

Emma Samms & Tristan Rogers Talk With Their Fans

The two took part in a Coastal Entertainment event where they fielded questions from those in attendance and the lovefest was obvious right from the start — and it went both ways. Fans were thrilled for the opportunity to interact with the actors who brought to life their favorite couple and the actors knew it was because of them that interest remains in their characters’ pairing.

In fact, one person there, Clarissa, thanked them for their offscreen support for the couple, noting something that Rogers had done, especially which came as a surprise to Samms. “In 1987,” she began, “I thought that was the most pivotal moment in the relationship when you came back, Tristan, and you were supposed to say that Holly died in a plane crash with her lover, and that could have destroyed the couple I think right there. What were your thoughts about why you acted offscreen when you could have easily let go of the relationship, and we may not even be here?”

“First of all,” began Tristan Rogers, “the reason that that changed is because I rewrote it. I didn’t like the way that it was happening, so I sat down with my trusty typewriter and rewrote the whole thing, and walked in and presented it. Everyone looked at me like, ‘well, who the hell does he think he is?’ After they kind of gotten used to the idea, because I didn’t change any of the plot, just like a line here or there, and it was accepted.

“My reasons for doing that,” he went on to explain, “I felt that the relationship deserved to end on a high note and not a low note because that was traditional soap opera, and I didn’t want to do traditional soap opera. I never had done it, and so it was important to me that I stay consistent and that the relationship ended with a degree of…shall we use the word honor…rather than have your typical soap opera where you know, he goes off and has another woman, she goes off and has another guy…no, screw that. That’s not my modus Operandi.”

“I didn’t realize you’d done that,” interjected a surprised Samms. When he nodded, she smiled and said, “That’s cool.” He thanked her, which made Emma Samms giggle, no doubt thrilling the audience in attendance. It was just one very special moment for fans during an incredible event.

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