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New-Old Man For Lulu: Would You Accept A Dante Recast on General Hospital?

Lulu on General HospitalLulu on General Hospital

On General Hospital, Maxie Jones has decided to make it her life’s mission to reunite her best friend Lulu with her husband Dante.

Sure, he’s away at a mental health facility being deprogrammed after being brainwashed, but so what? Maxie is convinced that all Dante needs is a little TLC courtesy of his wife.

But there just might be a flaw in Maxie’s scheme. No, it’s not the fact that the little imp could probably never penetrate the facilities security system. It is actually the fact that Dominic Zamprogna, the actor who portrayed Date for nine years, seems to have no desire to return to the series.

But does that have to be a problem? Soap operas have a very interesting way of swapping out actors with totally different faces to play the very same character. But what say the fans? Soaphub asked if you could possibly accept a new actor in the role of Dante and here’s how 7,000 answered:

The majority has spoken and 79% you say you would be fine with Dante 2.0. And it’s not like there isn’t precedent here. In fact, when Dante and Lulu were first paired romantically, heck when they were MARRIED, Lulu was being played by Julie Marie Berman.

But even after Berman was recast with Emme Rylan the fans still loved Lulu and Dante. So why would a new Dante be such a big deal?

Still, there are many fans out there who don’t feel so secure about the changeover. In fact, 20% of you gave the idea the thumbs down. There’s just something about Zamprogna that you know you would miss if another actor suddenly started answering to Dante.

A smaller fraction of you who voted no say that you really just disagree in principle. The truth is you just hate recasts period. People in real life don’t get to change faces so why should soap characters. You would much rather see Lulu move on with another love interest.

Or, and this is a crazy idea, how about leaving Lulu as a single mother who doesn’t have to rely on a man to help her out. That may be a radical idea for 2019 but how about giving it a try GH? Huh? General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: LiasonSteckyFan

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