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An Unlikely Pair: A New Dynamic Duo On General Hospital?

Jason and Ava General HospitalJason and Ava General Hospital

Pairing Steve Burton’s (most likely) Jason with a character he’d never met before to usher in his return to General Hospital (GH) was genius. But, choosing Ava as that character was risky.

After all, she’s a love-to-hate character, but to some, she’s just a hate character. It’s only been less than half a year since the town learned she switched Morgan’s pills–a heinous act indeed, so why would we want to see her involved with this huge PC return?

Well, maybe cause she’s Ava and no matter how horrid Ava can be, Maura West makes her someone you can’t quit. Soap Hub asked if you’re loving the Ava and Original Jason dynamic, and it turns out West can be gold.

That’s because a whopping 82% of you think the pairing is absolutely hilarious. Even if it doesn’t turn romantic (and we doubt it will), Jason needed a new friend after years of Sonny, Carly, and Spinelli.

If he is to return to town, why not make his new buddy Ava–an unlikely a friend as possible, especially considering her horrific history with Sonny (Maurice Benard).

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And, oh how funny they are with motor mouth Ava prattling on about everything and him just nodding and blinking in either shock or agreement. Occasionally, he speaks, but that’s Stone Cold for you.

You can’t wait to see Sonny realize his mortal enemy and his best friend (were these two even beyond best friends?) are tight as thieves.

OK, This Is Weird
Of course, there are 18% of you who long for how it used to be and don’t want anyone getting in the way of Carson and Jason. And, if it had to happen, Ava is not the person to become the friendship interloper.

You don’t see how this story makes any sense. Ava was burned. Ava goes to a Russian clinic to heal. She meets a man with no name. He happens to be from Port Charles. They become buddies and now roomies and just huh? (Well, it IS a soap.)

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