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Never Say Die: Will Helena Make Another Port Charles Appearance?

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If anyone has more lives on soaps than Stefano DiMera on Days of Our Lives, it’s General Hospital (GH) sociopath Helena Cassadine.

She seems to have stayed dead (for a change) since 2015, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen her. In fact, she was a May sweeps returnee, even if she was just a figment of Jake’s imagination and a part of Jason’s memory flashbacks.

Soap Hub asked if you think we’ve seen the last of her, because it seems we never see the last of her–dead or not.

The Ghost of Cassadine Past
Out of about 3,500 votes, 87% of you think Helena (Constance Towers) will return to the Port Charles scene in one form or another. She haunts so many that even if Jason (Billy Miller) and Jake are free of her, she can turn up in someone else’s head.

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Remember, right before she died, Helena placed a curse on Sam (Kelly Monaco). Perhaps that curse will become a front-burner story that will need Helena’s presence in one form or another.

Heck, perhaps she never even died. She pretty much passed out in bed and after shooing everyone from the room, duplicitous Nikolas declared her dead. He very well could have been lying.

Dead To Rights
The other 13% think it’s finally over for Helena. Now that she no longer controls Jake and Jason’s minds, you think it’s time to move on and put this character to rest for good. She’s overstayed her welcome and sometimes soaps need to let the dead be dead.

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