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Network Impeachment Plea: Please Put Our Soap Operas Online

Impeachment Soap OperasImpeachment Soap Operas

America is gearing up for a consequential few weeks as the President of the United States goes on trial in the Senate after being impeached by the House of Representatives and that leaves the fate of our soap operas up in the air.

We Need Our Soap Operas

While Soap Hub firmly believes the American people are entitled to the news live during this historic time, we also acknowledge the need to escape from it a few hours a day. We completely understand why the three networks will cover this trial live, but we do not believe it needs to delay our soaps and the stories that have been heating up.

Unlike when past trials and hearings (Watergate, Iran Contra, President Clinton’s impeachment) have interrupted soap operas for extended periods of time, the 21st century offers a new way to get the soaps out there — the Internet. Now, that shouldn’t seem new at all since we are all on the Internet if we are reading this like it’s an old show. But, for major congressional hearings that can go on for weeks, the Internet is a new thing.

And yes, if one is reading this article, then one has Internet access. Today, millions of Americans watch their favorite TV shows online or through streaming sites, so while Washington DC brings us real-life drama, the Internet and the networks’ official websites can bring us reel-life drama in the evenings as a respite from what is going on in the Senate.

This week will be a revealing one on Days of Our Lives as time jump questions are answered, but at this point we know we can count on NBC to use its website and not delay the happenings in Salem at all. However, we don’t know if we can count on that from ABC and CBS.

During the impeachment hearings in the House this past fall, ABC and CBS made each day a wait and see. It was anyone’s guess whether the networks would delay the soaps a day or show them online. CBS will utilize its website and streaming platform, CBS All Access, more frequently than ABC will utilize its own site, but there is no reason this should even be a question.

If the trial runs all day as expected, then the soaps should go online at night, no questions asked. The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless should easily be seen at and CBS All Access, while General Hospital should be seen on and Hulu.

There is no reason in 2020 that the digital technology we have and enjoy all day, every day can’t be used to make sure soap operas stay on track and fans get their escape. Networks, hear us and make sure we see our soaps so we can keep our sanity.

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