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What Does Nelle REALLY Want on General Hospital?

Chloe Lanier on General HospitalChloe Lanier on General Hospital

It’s very clear Nelle is not exactly what she seems on General Hospital. After all, she seems WAY too perfect, and NOBODY is that perfect.

This week we learn of someone or something from her past coming back to haunt her, but it seems she really wants a different kind of present and future–and has latched on to the Corinthos clan to get herself there.

Soap Hub asked what Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) real agenda can be, because nobody seems to think any of what she does only comes from the goodness of her heart.

Single White Female?
Out of about 9,000 votes, 74% of you are sure she wants Carly’s (Laura Wright) life. After all, she now seems to have Carly’s stepmom job and is looking after Carly’s husband. She also has an official job with Carly and basically looks to be sucking it all up anywhere she can to get that Carly vibe—which of course reminds us of…Carly. Nelle is so much like her when she first came to town, and we KNOW how that turned out. Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) can seem to smell a rat when one is in front of her, because she’s been there before.

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Perhaps A Man?
A smaller 17% of you thinks she wants Michael (Chad Duell). They did manage to hit it off so well when she first came to town, and now Nelle has her opening. Of course, if it does turn out Nelle is related to Carly in some way, this won’t work out at all in anyone’s favor. But, maybe Nelle has no idea she really has another identity…

Perhaps An Older Man?
The final 10% are sure Nelle is after Sonny (Maurice Benard). Right now, she’s one of the few who has not completely abandoned him, and she sure did give Carly the stink eye once when witnessing a tender Corinthos moment. It would also make her just like Carly, who wormed her way into Bobbie’s life and then stole her husband all those years ago.

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