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Did She Or Didn’t She? Did Nelle REALLY Kill Her Fiancé On General Hospital (GH)?

General Hospital NelleGeneral Hospital Nelle

General Hospital’s (GH) Nelle has always been a major question mark.

When she first arrived in Port Charles, viewers suspected she was up to something. (Well, we hoped, anyway, or else she’d be really pointless.) We wondered if we were in for a case of Carly 2.0, only with Nelle (Chloe Lanier) in the little home-wrecker role, and Carly (Laura Wright) getting some of her own back.

That seemed to be where things were going when Nelle pretended to sleep with Sonny (Maurice Benard). But then, it turned out that this was all about Josslyn’s kidney. Nelle was the (unwilling) donor. And she was also Carly’s adopted sister. Oh… kay….

Nelle soon moved on to dating Michael (Chad Duell), which Carly hated. Carly hates a lot of things. Carly thought she’d finally gotten the goods on Nelle when it turned out her rich fiancé died in a mysterious boating accident. Was Nelle responsible? Carly has her theories. Here are yours.

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Nothing Doing
Not Nelle, cry 56% of you! She may be a schemer, but she’s not a killer. Nelle’s had a tough life, growing up as Frank Benson’s daughter. Sure, she may have wanted to move up in the world, but she wouldn’t get homicidal to do it!

Complications Killed the Cat
So maybe Nelle isn’t completely innocent, admit a more realistic 32%. But the real story is probably a lot more complicated that both Carly — and Nelle — claim it to be. The truth likely falls smack in the middle. But it wasn’t cold-blooded murder!

Absolute Truth
Oh, yes it was, counter the 11% who wouldn’t put anything past Miss Nelle. She’s Carly all over again (guess nurture really does trump nature — though they didn’t grow up together, either). And Carly wouldn’t have let a little thing like drowning the man who loves her stand in her way. Why should Nelle?

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