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General Hospital Wild Spec: Nelle Gives Up Her Baby And 30 Days Later…

Brad, Nelle, Lucas General Hospital 1Brad, Nelle, Lucas General Hospital 1

There is no way something doesn’t go insane with Nelle’s baby once she gives birth on General Hospital (GH) considering that Nelle herself is pretty much insane.

Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) baby’s birth went relatively normal for a soap (giving birth on the side of the road is par for the course–and at least she wasn’t in the snow like Sam), so we’re still waiting for the other shoe to drop there with Little James West, but Nelle is still pregnant.

Of course, we doubt she’s pregnant for long and her scheme to ensure Michael (Chad Duell) always remains by her side could prove to be more intricate than we ever believed.

Clearly, the show has been featuring Lucas’ (Ryan Carnes) fears about his adoption going wrong for a reason. Along that same line, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Brad (Parry Shen) becoming instant BFFs out of nowhere has to be for a reason, too.

So, what if Nelle gives birth to a healthy baby and then gives the baby to Lucas and Brad so she can claim her bundle of joy has been kidnapped, but also knowing he or she is well-cared for.

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While she searches for the baby (although she knows exactly where it is), she endears Michael to her more and becomes the center of concern as the town rallies around the new, devastated mother. Heck, Ava might even fall for this ploy.

And, all the while Lucas and Brad are bonding with the baby not realizing the mother has planned to take it back all along. That’s why this is a semi-open adoption and the birth mother can know who they are, but they have no idea who she is.

While this sounds absolutely nuts, the show has been laying the groundwork for something this bizarre for months and Nelle is just the character who would do something this utterly twisted.

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