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Could Nelle Be Feeling GUILT On General Hospital? No, It Couldn’t Be…

Nelle General HospitalNelle General Hospital

Nelle continues on with her plot to bring down Carly next week on General Hospital (GH) despite having a semi-bonding moment with her when they were stuck together at The Jerome Gallery after the earthquake.

She even wonders if she really needs to gaslight Carly (Laura Wright) anymore and feel a little bad for doing so, but her survival instinct wins out over her conscience–as does her desire for the good life.

According to published reports, Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) dream comes true when she’s invited to live at the Quartermaine mansion. No more dingy apartment and no more worrying how she’s going to make rent. She’s going to live on that big house on the hill thanks to Monica (Leslie Charleson).

Nelle thinks she has it all, but then Carly finds out and does not take the news well. Carly and Monica are already mortal enemies considering all Carly did to Monica’s son, AJ, through the years. (Including marrying the man who shot him dead.)

This is all the more reason for Carly to lay into Monica for taking Nelle under her wing–and once again, she warns the older woman not to trust this devious and manipulative girl.

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Nelle even gets along with Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) and helps out with Leo, but Carly isn’t done. Nelle overhears Carly telling her friend and business partner all the rotten things Nelle has done and any guilt she’s felt goes right out the window.

The girl is convinced Carly will do anything to ruin her life and take her child, so the only thing she can do is play offense and ruin Carly’s life first. But, will Carly fall for it? It’s not a Carly thing to fall for, but you never know…

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