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Mommy And Me: Does Ava Deserve Time With Avery on General Hospital (GH)?

Ava, Carly, and Avery General HospitalAva, Carly, and Avery General Hospital

Parentage is a pretty fluid issue on General Hospital (GH). Michael (Chad Duell) considers Sonny (Maurice Benard) his dad, thanks to Sonny hanging Michael’s biological dad, AJ, on a meat-hook until AJ signed away his parental rights.

Danny and Jake called Drew (Billy Miller) ‘Dad’ when everyone thought he was Jason, and are now still attached to both, even though the original Jason (Steve Burton) is back. Meanwhile, Drew is more attached to Monica (Leslie Charleson), Jason’s stepmother, who considers him her son, then Jason, the son she raised.

And then there’s Avery. Ava (Maura West) is her biological mother, and Sonny is her biological father. But Sonny somehow managed to extort full custody out of Ava. Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright) barely give Ava or her other daughter, Kiki (Hayley Erin), any access to the tot. Is that fair? Here’s what almost 11,000 viewers said:

Mother Love
Ava has many unappealing qualities. But she’s actually not that bad of a mom, 57% of you point out.

Sure, she lied about Kiki’s paternity, and wasn’t sure about Avery’s for a while Was it Sonny, or his son, Morgan–either way, the baby was a Corinthos.

But, who in Port Charles hasn’t done one or both things–more than once?

Ava hasn’t done anything that warrants not being able to see her child, and the PC courts need to recognize that!

Best Interest of the Child
Motherhood requires unconditional love, and Ava wouldn’t recognize that if she tripped over it, counter an unforgiving 42%.

She sees her daughters as extensions of herself, people she can use for her own nefarious purposes. That’s bad parenting, and it would be bad for Avery. Kiki is an insecure mess, and Ava bears some responsibility for that. Don’t let her do it to Avery, too.

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